Conviction Fitness

The fitness classes at CMA are geared towards high intensity interval training. We offer MMA Fit classes that are built on 5 minute rounds of power, agility, and endurance! It is our goal to provide an intense energetic workout every time you come. In addition we also provide Cardio Kickboxing! Kelley is one of the first Cardio Kickboxing instructors ever in Reno and has been teaching and training instructors all over the US for over 15 years!

Come visit CMA and see how fun it truly is! You have the ability to burn 400-800 calories a workout! These classes are instructional, informational and hands down one of the best workouts in town!

2013 Conviction Martial Arts & Fitness.  4690 Longley Lane #7, Reno, Nevada, 89502  (775) 828-2515