Conviction Martial Arts for Men, Women and Children.


Adults: The adult program at Conviction Martial Arts and Fitness provides the opportunity to learn practical mixed martial arts in a challenging yet comfortable atmosphere. Our curriculum is designed to make you a complete and well-rounded mixed martial artist. We combine Thai Boxing, traditional kicking, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and street self defense to create our curriculum.  Each discipline given to you will play a role in making you a complete mixed martial artist. On top of learning martial arts you will also will be given a phenomenal workout. The workouts are exciting and practical. In each class you will be learning a new: kick, punch, self-defense technique, drill, or boxing pattern, all the while taking you towards your goal of becoming a black belt.


Youth:  Our Lil Ninja and youth program at Conviction Martial Arts and Fitness provides the opportunity for children to learn a blended style of martial arts. In our program they will grow not only physically but also mentally.  These classes are separated by age and designed according to their learning capabilities! Our curriculum includes traditional Tae Kwon Do, Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and street self-defense.  Incorporated with their physical training the children will also learn and apply the philosophies of martial arts.  They will learn FOCUS, RESPECT, SELF DISCIPLINE, and so much more. Our goal at CMA is to provide a loving atmosphere where every child feels welcome. Even though martial arts is an individual sport there is a feeling of team and FAMILY!

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